About Us

The Brownie Mary Club is the first political party affiliated Cannabis Club in California, and maybe the nation. Club members work within their party to promote the Brownie Mary Club, help get their representatives elected to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and bring marijuana prohibition to an end.

A Note From The President

As many of you are aware, the State of California is at a crossroads in the development of its future marijuana policies, both medical and recreational, and although polls have shown strong public support for the reform of cannabis laws, there remains a very limited amount of grassroots community participation in the process. Therefore, the time is now to organize politically in order to help shepherd in a new era of rational & innovative cannabis policies in our great State of California.

Locally there is a void in the representation of the pro-medical cannabis & cannabis legalization forces in San Francisco city government. Jennifer Nicoletto, Penny deVries, and I undertook the effort to create the Brownie Mary Democratic club to address these issues directly and to galvanize supporters of cannabis locally and throughout the State.

These are the early days of our new chapter. Your willingness to join and participate in furthering the club’s agenda is extremely important as progress will only be made through a collective effort. Thank you for your participation and support!

-Brendan Hallinan, Founder of BMDC-SF

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